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Chapter Serves as Liaison to Thompson Quintuplets

Chapter Serves as Liaison to Thompson Quintuplets

A special thank you and recognition to mom Monique Lenoir Pittman (Group 2), who has taken the lead on outreach to the Thompson Quintuplets.  The Quintuplets attended Jack and Jill's Pink & Blue Children's Inaugural Ball where they had dinner with the National Executive Board and then moved onto the Teen Ballroom.  Monique helped the Thompson Quintuplets get dolled up for the grand affair by coordinating a shopping trip for all and appointments for fresh hairdos and nails for the young ladies.   (In the photo above:  Richard, Stella, Octavia, Monique, Emily, Anne-Marie, and Quintuplets' mother Jackie).

The Quintuplets turn 16 years old on May 8th.   They live with their mother and three younger siblings in Northeast Washington, DC. Jack and Jill of America made a commitment in 1998 to provide financial, educational and other support to the Thompson family until they reach adulthood.   At the request of National Program Director Gladys Henderson, Monique has agreed to reach out to the Quintuplets' mother to learn more about the areas of interest(s) of each child and then help identify long-term mentors for each prior the start of the 2013-14 program year.  In the meantime, Monique is going to help National address some of the more basic and immediate needs of the Quintuplets, including providing Metrorail passes to assist with the children's transportation.


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